Testing Equipment

Carbon fiber properties
No. Device Name Picture Index Use
1 Composite Interface Tester

Experiment Temperature: RT ~ 400 ℃
Load cell:
0 ~ 5000mN
Cited pull speed: 0.12mm / min

Interfacial strength between the fibers, the contact angle, the fiber tensile strength
2 Field emission scanning electron microscopy

Magnification: 10-650000 X
Resolution: 1.2nm
Sample size: 100mm Diameter

Microscopic surface morphology
3 Infrared Spectrometer

Wave number range: 7800 ~ 350cm-1
Resolution: 0.5cm-1
N: 40000: 1

Structural Analysis
4 Gel Permeation Chromatography
5 Fineness instrument

Refractive Index range: 1.00-1.75 RIU
Measuring range:
5x10-4 ~ 7x10-9 RIU
Flow rate 0.1-10ml / min

Molecular weight and distribution, aggregation morphology and molecular size of the polymer and aggregates, refractive index, etc.
6 Ultramicrotome

Precision slice thickness adjustable range 1nm ~ 15μm

Samples sliced
7 XPS Spectrometer

Sensitivity: 16,000,000 cps
Energy resolution: <0.48eV
Minimum Analysis Area: 30μm
AES Sensitivity: 500,000 cps
AES energy resolution: <0.4 dE / E

Chemical valence information elements, depth distribution, line scan, area scan analysis
8 ICP Spectrometer

Element detection limit:
3σ≤0.005mg / l
Line Resolution: 0.007nm
Wavelength indication error:
≤ ± 0.05nm
Wavelength repeatability:
≤ ± 0.01nm

Trace elements qualitative and quantitative analysis
9 Visible Spectrophotometer

Wavelength range: 320-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth: 2nm
Photometric Accuracy:
± 0.2% T
Stray light ≤0.05% T:

Liquid absorbance, transmittance, the concentration of the test
10 Electronic analytical balance

Maximum weight value: 120g

Pan Dimensions: ø90mm

Readability: 0.1mg

Repeatability: 0.1mg

Linearity error: 2s

Samples weighing